Monday, September 17, 2012

Timeliner with Primavera Web Service

I recently had an issue come through regarding the use of the Primavera P6 Web Service with Navisworks 2013 and it not working.  The users could access the P6 service outside of Navisworks, but when they attempted to connect to the P6 service through Timeliner, it would error out and not connect/download the content.  The error message was an “Unexpected wrapper element” with some locations called out.

The issue came down to the fact that they were using P6 V8.1…which Navisworks doesn’t support.  I verified with Autodesk support what is supported with Navisworks 2013…

Product: Engineering and Construction: 6.2.1 (SP4 Hot Fix 1), 7.0 (SP4), 8.2
Notes: Requires Primavera v6, 7 or 8 Engineering and Construction to be installed locally or remotely, along with the corresponding version of the Primavera SDK. TimeLiner connects to the Primavera database via an ODBC data source link.

Product: Primavera P6 Web Services: 6.2.1 (SP1 Hot Fix 1), 7.0 (SP1 Hot Fix 1), 8.0
Notes: Requires Primavera P6 v6, 7 or 8 Web Services installed within a suitable Web Application Server such as Oracle Web Logic or JBoss on the same machine as your P6 database.

So if you have plans to upgrade your Primavera services and use it in conjunction with Navisworks, you may want to hold off.

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