Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Navisworks 2013 Service Pack 2

Looks like another service pack for the Navisworks family of products was recently released (short list of updates via Beyond Design)…

  • Performance issues when working with a large volume of selection and search sets.
  • Issue where some commands appear disabled after dragging a selection set to a folder.
  • Show command didn't work at the folder level for sets hidden in folders.
  • Crash when trying to drag a set into a folder.
  • Area/Volume properties from Revit Drawings not available.
  • Inventor models are rotated at 90-degrees.
  • A number of unexpected crashes in Clash Detective
  • Unhide All taking much longer when Clash Detective is open.
  • Not possible to rename a Clash result after a drag and drop.
  • Clash groups expand unexpectedly.
  • Renaming results in the Clash results grid performance issues.
  • Resolved a performance issue where loading a model is extremely slow when Timeliner is open.
  • 2D measurement start, end and difference values are incorrect.
  • Cancelling or closing the options editor using keyboard shortcuts retains options.
  • Cinepak Codec for 64 bit is now available.
  • CSV export from Selection Inspector now available

As always, make sure you read the Readme file before installing…the Readme also includes a full list of updates. 

Also make sure you download and install the appropriate version (32bit vs 64bit, as well as Freedom, Simulate or Manage).  Please notice there is also a download for the Navisworks Exporters, so you’ll want to install that as well if you are exporting files to NWC from (for example) AutoCAD or Revit.

Download - Autodesk ® Navisworks ® 2013 Service Pack 2

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