Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Navisworks Doesn’t Start or Launch

We’ve had a few instances of folks contacting support over the past few weeks saying that when they go to launch Navisworks (Review, Simulate or Manage), nothing happens.  No splash screen, nothing.
It has seemed to fall into one of two issues…
  1. Lastsession.xml
  2. Corrupt CascadeInfo.cas
For the Lastsession.xml, follow these steps…
  • Close Navisworks
  • Locate Lastsession.xml
    • (XP default location) C:\Documents and Settings\**username**\Application Data\Autodesk Navisworks **product** 2010
      • (Vista default location) C:\Users\**username**\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk Navisworks **product** 2010
      • Delete the LastSession.xml
      • Try and open Navisworks
      For the corrupt CascaseInfo.cas, see this link…
      From what I’ve seen/heard, either one of these will usually fix Navisworks from not starting.


      1. Is there also a solution for the folowing problem. Navisworks is starting, but when you loas a model nothing is displayed.
        Program works fine on xp, but nothing is displayed on vista 64 bits.

      2. Depending on what kind of model you are brining in, my guess would be that you may not have the 64bit object enablers loaded. Check the Scene Stats to see if anything is missing.