Friday, October 23, 2009

Navisworks 2010 Subscription Advantage Pack

Along with many of the other Autodesk programs, Navisworks also got a Subscription Advantage Pack for the 2010 programs.  There are 3 enhancements available for download via the Subscription Center

  • Autodesk FBX File Format Support
  • Batch Processing Utility

And Finally…something practically everyone has been asking for since Autodesk acquired Navisworks…

  • (Shareable) NWC Export Utility

You can find the Advantage Pack by hitting Product Downloads in the upper left corner of the site. 

I haven’t really heard of many folks asking for FBX files, but it’s a nice addition to the allowable formats.  I watched a quick video on the Batch utility, looks like you can append files from multiple folder locations instead of just one folder at a time…so that I can see where that would come in handy.

As for the NWC Exporter, I’ve been sitting on knowing this was coming for quite a while…it’s been hard to keep my mouth shut!!  This is great news and many, many IT personnel will be happy that they don’t have to install an entire program just to get an exporter.  The  exporter works for more than just Autodesk software, so those collaborating with folks using MicroStation or ArchiCAD can also share the exporter with those companies.

Remember, you need to be a Navisworks subscription customer to actually download these enhancements. 

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