Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Navisworks Trial Period

This is one of those questions that comes up and with Autodesk products, it can vary…How long is the trial period?  Is it 30 days of usage or is it 30 days from installation?  For some products, like AutoCAD based products, it’s 30 days from installation.  A product like Revit though, you have 30 calendar days of usage.  Meaning if you open it up today, but don’t open it up for another 5 days, that’s only 2 days off the 30 days.

So, where does the Navisworks trial fit in??  Well, it falls into the AutoCAD type category…30 days from installation.  So if you get the trial, don’t install it until you are ready to use it!  Because after 30 days from the installation, it’s a “dead” product.  “Dead” meaning that you have to authorize it in order to open it up.

One thing to remember with the trial…you can install the trial and let it expire and still use the NWCOUT command in AutoCAD or the Navisworks Exporter in Revit.  I have another post in the works about this though coming soon!

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