Thursday, July 23, 2009

Civil 3D Object Enabler Only 32bit

As I was getting ready to prep for a Navisworks demonstration, I checked out the latest dataset we get from Autodesk.  Well, to my surprise the site info, a Civil 3D file wasn’t showing properly…almost not at all.  So I of course checked the Scene Stats to see what was going on.  Well, the Civil 3D Object Enabler (OE) wasn’t installed.

Side note: If you don’t know, the Scene Statistics will show you if you are missing an Object Enabler.  You can get there by going to View->Scene Statistics.  Here’s a little screen shot…


Okay, so the OE wasn’t installed, no big deal.  I’ll just go out to and download and install the OE…so I thought.  I get out to the site where they have the OE’s listed and I noticed that Civil 3D didn’t list 32-bit and 64-bit after the name.  So, thinking maybe it was an error on the page, I clicked the link and then I really found out that there wasn’t a mistake…it’s only available as a 32-bit install.

Okay, maybe they haven’t made it available yet.  So I sent a message off to Autodesk and received a not-so good response…

“…it may not be technically feasible with this release.”

So, if you are running Navisworks 64-bit version, please be aware that you may run into trouble reading Civil 3D files.  You may want to get a NWC file (if they can) or even a DWF that you can use.

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