Thursday, April 4, 2013

Navisworks 2014 gets QTO

As you’ve probably seen in the new features list, whether it was here on my blog or over at Beyond Design, Quantification has come to Navisworks 2014.  I’ll be doing posts on the new Quantification features in the future, but wanted to get one thing out that I know is going to be asked…does it only come with Manage?


Whether you use Simulate or Manage, you will have the ability to use the Quantification tools within Navisworks 2014.


  1. Dear Mr. Dwane,

    I am new member of navisworks, so i have stupid question that why navisworks has materials take off meanwhile we can do it in revit?
    Could you please let me know the difference between them?

    Thanks alot.

  2. Say for instance you're doing a concrete take-off. Yes, Revit can get you the volume of the concrete of say Footings, but you can't also then get the Volume for Walls in the same schedule/take-off. With Navisworks, you'll be able to just do a take-off for ALL concrete if you wanted. Revit needs to break up the "take-off" into object categories where-as Navisworks doesn't. Navisworks can also work with other types of geometry (AutoCAD MEP or Architecture for example) and Revit is just Revit geometry.