Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vault and Navisworks 2013

Here are just a couple of the changes that I noticed with Navisworks and Vault 2013…

Yay, we can finally Append from Vault ALL of the file types for Navisworks!


Navisworks 2013 also now includes a Vault Browser window that will show which files are currently Appended into Navisworks, just like the Selection Tree, but will give some indicators that are shown in Vault.  It will also show which files have been Appended from Vault vs a “regular” Append.


The circles that are in front of the file names are the indicators…these will show a few different things.  In the image above, the + sign is indicating that the file is not in Vault.  The empty circle is indicating that this file is in Vault as was Appended via the Vault tools.  There are more, which get’s into more of the Vault functionality…which is a whole other discussion.  Anyway, here’s what the Vault Browser would look like with the files in Vault, Appended from Vault and working on a “checked out” NWF file…


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