Thursday, April 19, 2012

Navisworks 2013 Selection Tree Changes-Similarities

With the ability to now read Revit files, another change with Revit files is how they are organized in the Navisworks Selection Tree.  In the screen shot below, I’ve laid out some examples to illustrate the differences from 2012 Revit based NWC files (2012 and 2013 NWC), Revit 2013 NWC and Revit RVT files…


As you can see, Revit 2012 will export to a 2013 NWC file, but the organization stays the same as if it was exported to a 2012 NWC file.  So the new organization (of Level->Family Category->Family Type->Instance) is only going to show up when a RVT file is read directly into Navisworks, or you generate a NWC file from Revit 2013.

One thing to note with the above image, it doesn’t show an Append 2012 RVT file (oops).  I can say that it will show just like a Revit 2013 RVT file as shown below…



Based on a comment I received, I didn’t notice the 2013 RVT and NWC files were named the same.  Since I didn’t refresh the NWF, it probably didn’t matter.  But to be safe, I re-appended the files with different names and the RVT and NWC show the same “structure” of Level, Category, etc. I did however notice that the exported NWC breaks down the Instances a step further than the RVT. Here’s the screen shot…


I didn’t look that closely at the tree before to notice this difference with 2013 Exported NWC’s and RVT’s. The NWC Export Settings and Revit File Reader options are the same, so this is something I want to look into further…


  1. Hello Dwane,
    First, thank you for your time. I am not seeing the same when appending an NWC from 13 and appending the RVT from 13. The NWC shows Level first in the tree, but the RVT shows category and no level. Is it possible your NWC and RVT are the same in your selection tree because your file names are identical? Once you've appended your NWC, how is Navis managing an appended RVT with the exact name? Could you please validate by appending files w/o exact names? Thank you for your comments.

  2. Hi, do you know how to export the entire (or part thereof) selection tree list? if you do, please write an article about it. thanks.