Thursday, March 25, 2010

What’s New in Navisworks 2011 and Availability

Yep, today’s the day when Autodesk let the world know about the new 2011 products.  When it comes to Navisworks, here’s a list of some of the things you can expect in the 2011 release…

  • User interface (UI) – The Ribbon is here!  And it isn’t that bad.
  • Navigation – Amen, finally being able to use the mouse like the other Autodesk programs!
  • Gantt view – We can now see a Gantt Chart in the Timeliner.
  • Sectioning using direct manipulation – Amen, being able to directly push-pull the section plane without using the slider!
  • Autodesk® Revit® rooms support – Yes, you can now see Room info from Revit files.
  • Autodesk® 2011 product support 
  • Primavera® P6 web services
  • Graphisoft® ArchiCAD® 13 exporter

And a few things carried over from the Subscription Advantage Pack for 2010…

      • Batch process utility
      • Distributable Export Utility
      • Import/Export Autodesk® FBX®

As the program becomes available, I will post more about the new features.  And as for the availability of Navisworks 2011, the preliminary date is the end of next week, around April 2.  I’ll make another post when the program is actually ready for download on the subscription center.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the date is pushed back slightly.

Hope you enjoy the 2011 version of Navisworks!


  1. the gantt chart support is sweet. i wish we could also see WBS layout in the timeliner...

  2. I'm using ArchiCAD as my BIM-tool.
    1. How do I get the exporter and does it cost anything?
    2. Are there any differences from earlier ArchiCAD-exporters concerning "BIM"-content? Is there a table of what's exported?

  3. For the exporter, go to this link to download... This download will allow for ArchiCAD 13 to export out an NWC file. The exporter is free to download and use. Not sure on ArchiCAD, but Revit to NWC will export out pretty much everything for an objects parameters.